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301 S. Rangeline Road, Carmel IN 46032


a free spirit who lives by the beauty and belief in truth, freedom, and love. She has a draw to things that have been loved and have a story to tell. Her fashion goes far beyond just clothing. It extends into her home, her work, and her friendships, as it is a reflection of what she sees and what she feels. She classifies herself as eclectic, as she doesn’t want to be anyone’s mold. Her style reflects her personality, not her vanity. She attracts people with her smile and keeps them with her sweet meaning nature and occasional spunk. She yearns for simplicity yet finds herself constantly active with new passions and dreams. She enjoys time away; embracing culture in her travels. She is artistic but not limited to any one channel. She takes photos to capture unnoticed beauty, writes letters to share her adoration, and decorates to create a space where all can feel peace. Her friends describe her as a dear, sweet soul with fantastic style. 


a lifestyle boutique+hair salon that offers an eclectic mix of styles and goods that build an emotional and creative connection with its tribe. Limited quantities and occasional one-of-a-kind finds generate immense appeal and an indelible sense of discovery.

Christie Wright


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Christie finds joy in witnessing others turn dreams into reality, and draws inspiration from beautiful and complete spaces. She appreciates detail in all its forms, as seen in features by Better Homes and Gardens and Indianapolis Monthly Magazine. She is the wife to Caleb, mama to Judah,  and a city dwelling introvert. Who might just seem like an extrovert while in her element--Kindred.